your composer


My name is: Rebecca

But everyone calls me: Becca

I was born: 29 years ago

And I live in: Sacramento, CA

I’m currently: 5 months pregnant with my third rugrat,  in a deeply committed friendship with the father of said rugrats, and figuring how to be single after nearly seven years of NOT being single.

I have: 5-year-old twin girls named Guinevere and Genevieve who are so incredibly awesome I sometimes wonder if I’m not just dreaming their entire existence, an extremely active fetus growing inside me, and a pitbull puppy named Leonidas who is so cute it’s almost ridiculous. Almost.

I enjoy: writing, reading, and food that is delicious and completely bad for me.

And I can’t stand: people who can’t argue without resorting to character attacks and bugs that fly.

I am a walking contradiction because: I am an atheist who does not hate the religious, a liberal who supports the death penalty and is opposed to gun control, and a native Californian who still says ‘ya’ll’.


14 thoughts on “your composer

  1. Nice blog! Quite an enjoyable read. I’ll be sticking around to read some more of your posts.

    -Reg (the religious who doesn’t hate atheists)

  2. I think I just read about 5 of your posts and liked them all! You’re hilarious!

    Blessings to you and yours.

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