The Heathen’s Handbook

***DISCLAIMER*** If you are that special type of religious person who can’t take a joke, this blog is probably the last thing you should be reading – but this post in particular is definitely something you should steer clear of. While I don’t actually insult any particular denomination, this is a handbook for those of faith who prefer not to abide by the fundamental rules of organized religion. I don’t attack a specific god in this piece, but it is a blatant rejection of many of the standard practices that are implemented in the more mainstream faiths.

Also, I should probably point out that I am an atheist. If you are not an atheist, this does not mean I think you are stupid or crazy. You just believe something different than I do, and that’s awesome. If you are an atheist, you’ll probably still find this guide to be helpful – because ultimately, it was written for the purpose of promoting basic human decency and you don’t necessarily have to worship a deity to get on board with that.

Now then. On with the show!

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The Heathen’s Handbook (Browser File)

The Heathen’s Handbook (Download File)


Short Story – A Diary for David

A collection of journal entries by Merrian, who has quite literally gone crazy for a man named David whom she met in a coffee shop and went on one date. What begins as deep infatuation quickly – and comically – progresses in to an over-the-top obsession and culminates in to a psychotic delusion that they are madly in love and destined to be married.

Restraining order? Please. Merrian just considers it a challenge.

Click one of the links below to download the PDF or view it in your browser. Enjoy!

A Diary for David (Download File)

A Diary for David (Browser File)